Markemy: What We Stand For

Markemy is the combination of the words "marketing" and "alchemy", which is a proto-scientific tradition practised throughout Europe, Africa and Asia that aims to purify, mature, and perfect elements. Likewise at Markemy, we see marketing as both a science and an art that we are constantly perfecting to serve the myriad needs of companies competing in today's digital world.

Markemy helps you stay a step ahead through our consultancy services, thought leadership and advise you on what are the best digital marketing strategies and tools to engage your customers and achieve your business objectives.

Our Services

Our carefully selected experts can advise you in in the following areas:
We craft out compelling content and call-to-action for a range of content (that include website content, software FAQs, email campaigns) to help effectively engage your customers.
We keep up-to-date with the latest search engine optimisation (SEO) trends to help your website rank above all your competitors in search engine results. Includes full site audits, keyword analysis, competitor backlink analysis.
UI/UX Consultancy
We analyse how your website's content, design & layout affects user experience and help you maximise your messaging impact, enhance user engagement and convert customers to take action.
We help you set up or audit your analytics platform to track and optimise the most important metrics that include the customer funnel, cost per acquisition, lifetime value, churn and etc.
A/B Testing
Compare how your customers respond to different messaging, design and layout changes through split experiments and optimise your marketing campaigns for maximal conversions.


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